Infinite Crisis Profiles Nightmare Superman

By Stacy Jones -

If Superman lost his mind and turned into a ghastly phantom version of his former self you would have Nightmare Superman. As the latest addition to the Infinite Crisis lineup, Nightmare Superman is a controller support class capable of locking down enemies to aid allies with Phantom Zone energies.

When slain, Nightmare SupermanÂ’s passive, Possession, allows him to take control of the enemy that dealt the killing blow, revealing that enemyÂ’s position to allies on the map and reducing their attack and power damage for a short time. If that enemy is killed while possessed, Nightmare Superman is revived. ThatÂ’s not all that Nightmare Superman is packing. Check out the latest video from Turbine below to see him in action.

You can sign up to join the open beta on the Infinite Crisis website.

Dozens of Phantom Zone portals appeared across Metropolis,pouring out hundreds of howling phantoms. Superman, wearing an ecto-suit built by his father, flew through a portal and met Aethyr, a being whoÂ’d slumbered for eons in the Zone. Superman defeated the beast, but was infested with unearthly Phantom Zone energy in the process. Worse yet, while he battled Aethyr the people of Metropolis were transformed into phantoms. The revelation shattered SupermanÂ’s fractured mind, and ever since, heÂ’s wandered the city, mourning for the city he failed to protect.
A ghastly Controller, Nightmare Superman wields Phantom Zone energies to lock down enemies and protect allies.

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