Life is Feudal Indigogo is a Go

MMORPG Life is Feudal turns to crowdfunding to deliver a medieval sandbox world with realistic player damage and terraforming mechanics.

A team of Russian developers set out to create their dream MMORPG three years ago with Life is Feudal and have now turned to Indigogo to raise funds to complete its development. While the devs admit that they don't have a thick portfolio of previously developed titles, they've put together a campaign page and video promising of what they've accomplished as well as what they hope to add if funding is successful, promising a medieval sandbox world where players can take on any number of roles such as a lone mercenary looking for a life of solitude, a conqueror, or a wanderer. Additionally, the game includes a realistic combat damage system, free land terraforming, player land claims, and much that you can read about on the campaign page.

As with any prospective game, it needs funding. So the devs have turned to Indigogo in the hopes of raising €200,000. You can read the Indigogo campaign page to see if it fits your bill for a crowdfunding investment or visit the Life is Feudal website for more. We’ve included their Indigogo video below for your convenience.

Thanks to Francesco for the tip.

Source: Life is Feudal Indigogo Page

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