64 Year-Old Woman Sues NCsoft Over Lost $28,000 Lineage Item

Lineage may not be around in NA anymore, but in South Korea it’s still big enough to warrant a lawsuit for a lost item.

NCsoft shut down its NA Lineage servers back in June 2011, but the MMORPG is still going strong in South Korea, which is where today's interesting story comes from courtesy of Kotaku. According to the report, a 64 year-old gamer in South Korea dubbed a “gaming granny” by Kotaku, filed suit against NCsoft back in spring after she accidentally tried to enchant her Jin Myung Hwang's Conduct Sword, an item reportedly worth in resale what equates to a value of roughly $28,000.

The woman in question reportedly tried to enchant one item but mistakenly put the rare and rather expensive sword through the process, resulting in its destruction. After a petition to NCsoft to try and have it restored failed, the woman filed suit. The court didnÂ’t rule in the plaintiffÂ’s favor, leaving the little lady without her pricy sword and serving as yet another example of using caution when performing actions that could result in the destruction of valuable items with a real world price value.

via Kotaku
Source: Inven (Google Translated Page)

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