Lineage II Valiance Expansion Launches Today

Lineage II’s free Valiance expansion launches today with new content, system revamps, and a few returning enemies.

Lineage II gets a dose of free content today with the launch of the Valiance expansion. The expansion is available for free and will feature the return of four major boss raids with Beleth, Darion, Lilith and Anakim, each with their own set of unique skills to challenge veteran players. Along with returning boss raids, Valiance also includes an overhaul to the skill system, a new ability system, three new Hellbound hunting grounds, and more.

Lineage II servers went offline at 5AM PT this morning for the deployment of the Valiance update with an expected downtime of 7 hours. While you wait, you can browse the Valiance patch notes for a full rundown of the latest content and changes.

Source: Valiance Downtime Notice

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