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Loading... is the premier daily MMOG news and commentary newsletter, only from Ten Ton Hammer.

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Team Hammer is making its way home from Los Angeles, weary (or perhaps still wired) from their E3 adventure, which included braving the show floor to deliver ten tons of MMOG content. Reuben "Sardu" Waters gives his event post-mortem and waxes poetic (or not) about the psychological implications of large booths and well-endowed booth babes in today's Loading... E3-peen.

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For the third day of E3 2010, a slightly worn out but nonetheless eager Team Hammer hit the ground running for the final appointments on our jam packed schedule. We also wanted to try and take in as many of the sights and sounds from the show floor as possible before the tolling of the bells alerted us that the E3 circus had come to a close for another year. Mind you there weren’t actually any bells – more like one of the most jaded sounding females I’ve ever heard robotically announcing “Thanks, come again next year” but that’s beside the point.

So what kind of wacky antics did we manage to get up to before we hopped on the Ten Ton Mobile Command Center (more commonly referred to as a shuttle bus back to the hotel)? Did I get to run through the show screaming Microsoft’s new Kinetic slogan “I AM THE CONTROLLER!” at the top of my lungs while tackling everyone in my path? Did we manage to talk Ethec into donning a furry red Vindictus hat like this one? Only one of the two actually came to pass, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one.

To kick things off for the day, Ethec and I made our way to see the latest on the Warhammer 40k MMOG, which we now know to be called Dark Millennium Online. The game itself is still quite a ways out, but it was nice to see some signs of life even if no specific gameplay details were revealed.

Realizing that we had a short spell before having to scamper across the entire E3 continent yet again for our next appointments (E3 is one game that could REALLY benefit from some form of fast travel) I decided it was high time I took a gander at some more of the mammoth booths that dominated the show floor. I know itÂ’s all part of the spectacle, but I still couldnÂ’t help but consider some of the obnoxiously sized booths as a bizarre form of E3-peen flexing. Because, you know, a big booth must also mean a big game, right?

As amusing as it is to poke fun at the one-two “compensator” combo of hiring beautiful women to dress in skin tight costumes in your overly massive booth (a subject I could easily ramble on for at least the next week, but I’ll spare you for now) it really is all about the games and getting to check out as many as possible during the 3 days of the event which seems far too short to see it all.

One of the impromptu stops I made today was to check out TERA which was playable on the show floor. I walked up to the demo stations a skeptic and walked away a true believer in the might of TERA. Is it a match made in MMOG heaven? It may be a bit too early for me to say, however, I love the combo of old school EQ design philosophy paired with some very action oriented combat. The “better than the screenshots let on” graphics certainly didn’t hurt either.

Yesterday in Loading… I asked you the readers to let me know if there was anything specific at the show that you wanted to hear more about. While I didn’t manage to catch any time with RAGE (though believe me, I’d have loved to) I did get the chance to see what the Jumpgate Evolution team has been up to since I’d last seen the game in action at PAX 2009. Has the wait been worth it? For starters the UI seems to be even slicker now, but the best part is the truly epic scale of some of the combat areas we were shown. I’m glad that NetDevil had the opportunity to go back in and reconsider some of the earlier design decisions and iterate on them until they felt right. All too often the lack of ability (or sometimes willingness) to do so has led to some rather “meh” launches over the past few years, and I feel that JGE is going to deserve its long overdue time in the sun now that the team is ready to start talking again.

And with that I need to begin packing up my gear to make sure I can get to the airport in time for my insanely early flight. So while IÂ’m busy handing over my luggage to total strangers and showing them what color of socks I opted to wear today, be sure to head on over to the LoadingÂ… forum and toss your own thoughts out there about your favorite info from E3 so far.

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the Day

From our SWTOR General Discussion Forum

That's it, I'm calling it!

I detect the presence of a strong Star Wars: The Old Republic theme in this week's Epic Threads. And today, I detect a great disturbance in the Force, as though a few voices cried out with jubilant optimism and were suddenly silenced...by haters and whiny trolls. Yes, SirRobin believes he's the "optimistic guy" on the SWTOR official forums, and that otherwise those forums have become a WoW-like cesspool of negativity. Fortunately, Ten Ton Hammer's SWTOR forums provide some refuge. Go there!

Awesome Quotes from the Epic Thread

"The Torocast guys went in feeling low and came out on a high, and given that the game still has quite a while before launch i'm not about to hate on it. I had some issues with lightsaber play, but over all nothing that big that can't be dealt with. "

- Cleron

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Black Prophecy E3 2010 Preview

Although Black Prophecy entered closed beta back in May, new details about the game have been a bit scarce as of late. But the Ten Ton Hammer team got the chance to take a look at the upcoming free-to-play space-based MMOG. Find out what they learned in their E3 2010 preview.

E3 Interview with EQ2 Producer Dave Georgeson

E3 is in full force and Ten Ton Hammer is there getting all the latest news from all the biggest game developers. One such developer is, of course, Sony Online Entertainment and our men on the front lines caught up with EverQuest II Senior Producer Dave Georgeson to talk a bit about where EQ2 has been and where it is going.

SOE's Jens Andersen and Chris Cao Present DC Universe Online at E3 2010

Anticipation surrounding SOE's comic book MMOG debut is building, and much has been made of DC Universe Online's signature character tie-ins. It's easy to imagine that a DCUO player's story will revolve around well-known DC characters like Batman, Superman, and Joker, but while players will interact in significant ways with these DC icons (or fight them tooth and nail), SOE's Chris Cao and Jens Andersen made it clear that SOE is telling your superhero's (or supervillain's) story with DC Universe Online. A first look at a confrontation with Harley Quinn, how Jim Lee's concept art will help tell the story, a PvP match, and much more round out our latest look at DC Universe Online at E3 2010.

The Beginning of a New MMO Genre - An E3 Preview of End of Nations

It takes more than pretty colors to convert a cynic. Will massively multiplayer be enough to get Ten Ton Hammer Executive Editor, Ben de la Durantaye, to enjoy an RTS? We take a look at Trion Worlds' presentation of End of Nations at E3 2010, and the results are a little surprising... at least to someone who has sworn off RTS games.

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Hands On Impression at E3 2010

Ten Ton Hammer got a chance to play the beta version of Final Fantasy XIV. This fantasy MMOG, developed by Square Enix, is one of the more eagerly anticipated games in development. Watch Jeff Woleslagle and Stacy “Martuk” Jones of Ten Ton Hammer give the Final Fantasy XIV beta a test drive.

Class and Soul – Rift: Planes of Telara Gets a Little Bit of Both at E3 2010

Trion Worlds was out in full force at E3 2010 with not only a massive booth, but another strong showing of upcoming title Rift: Planes of Telara. Ten Ton Hammer got to not only experience some of the recently revealed class customization options in action, but also got to see some of the awesome death rifts in action. How have things been shaping up since we last checked in with Rift at GDC earlier this spring? Read on and find out!


Allods: Revelations of Gipat Expansion Details Announced

Allods Online, the sci-fi fantasy MMOG developed by Astrum Nival, has just announced new features in their upcoming expansion: Revelations of Gipat. As far as patches and expansions go, this seems to have quite a bit in it. ItÂ’s also refreshing that theyÂ’re responding to player feedback in adding new features.

Intense Space Combat Shown in New Black Prophecy Trailer Released at E3


Making an awesome splash is the newest trailer for Black Prophecy, the highly anticipated sci-fi MMOG released by Hamburg based gamigo AG. The trailer offers an exclusive look into customizing your starfighter, the various mission types, clan battles, and some serious kick-ass PvP action. If youÂ’re not pumped for some serious space combat after viewing the trailer, then have somebody call the morgue because youÂ’re already dead. Awesome space combat and itÂ’s free-to-play? We're already there!

Massive MMORTS Combat Highlighted in End of Nations Trailer at E3

Trion Worlds is making a big splash with their upcoming MMORTS, End of Nations. This is the first RTS made specifically for an MMOG crowd and, judging by the content of the trailer, it was definitely worth the wait. Head-banging hardcore combat is the theme of the day. If you want to gather herbs or slay boars digging up a farmerÂ’s garden, go somewhere else. If you want to control armies and crush enemy armies in brutal combat, then youÂ’ve found yourself a home. Be careful though! By the end of the trailer, youÂ’ll be looking for tanks to hijack to start your own rampage.

A Defiant Stance - New Rift: Planes of Telara Trailer at E3

To whet the appetites of fantasy gamers everywhere, Trion Worlds has just released a new trailer for their upcoming MMOG, Rift: Planes of Telara. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the richly detailed world of Telara and a taste of the combat found in the game while providing a look at the Defiant faction.

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