Ten Ton Hammer's Guide to the Trollshaws

Posted Wed, Feb 16, 2011 by gunky

Guide to the North Downs

The Trollshaws, lying between the scrub-plains of the Lone-lands in the west and the feet of the Misty Mountains in the east, is as harsh and rugged as it is beautiful. Consisting largely of high foothills divided by canyons and river gorges, and home to many varieties of the trolls which give the region its name, the Trollshaws are also home to the graceful and wise Elves, most notably Elrond Halfelven, master of Rivendell and one of the more central figures of the Lord of the Rings Online.

This is one of the "core" areas of Eriador - Rivendell is at the center of pretty much everything, and Elrond has his fingers in more pies than even the most pie-eating-est Hobbit. So where do you need to go and what needs to be done when you get there? Where can you go to meet Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf and all the other members of the Fellowship of the Ring? Continue on to Ten Ton Hammer's Guide to the Trollshaws to find out!

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