Champion Changes Detailed for Riders of Rohan

Posted Fri, Aug 03, 2012 by Martuk

Turbine’s Jonathan “RockX” Steady has surfaced once again from Turbine's tower of development to post a new developer diary in the growing series for The Lord of the Rings Online’s upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion. The latest diary takes a look at some of the class changes on the way for the Champion in Riders of Rohan. As with previous class changes, the Champion will receive some class enhancing tweaks for Legendary Traits, item advancement and improvements to survivability and threat management.

Improved Skills
Level 77 – Horn of Champions (new skill!):

  • In no stance and in Glory stance – Targeted (30m range) AoE threat generation.
  • In Ardour stance – Point-blank AoE threat reduction.
  • In Fervour stance – Single-target threat reduction, stronger than Ardour’s.

Horn of Champions is a new skill which is all about helping Champions manage their threat. The threat generation and reductions are instant, allowing Glory champions to pull multiple mobs at range with a strong threat generating ability. Meanwhile, Horn of Champions in Ardour and Fervour stance will decrease your threat on your opponent(s), letting you beat them up even more. The skill is on a 30 second cooldown, and has no Fervour pip cost.

Read the full developer diary for all the Champion changes.

Source: Riders of Rohan Developer Diary: Champion


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