LotRO's Update 7: Shades of the Past Now Available

By Stacy Jones -

There are more than a few new things brewing in Middle-earth. This week Turbine has launched Update: 7: Shades of the Past for The Lord of the Rings Online. The latest update makes a number of class changes and tweaks to Monsterplay. But the big headliners for the update are the revamps to Fornost and Moria, which breaks Fornost into four instances and adds tasks to Moria along with some adjustments to crafting instance levels and more. Players will also have a new skirmish to conquer with Storm on Methedras, the new Star-lit Crystals for Legendary items and an optional bag space increase.


Check the official patch notes for Update7: Shades of the Past for all the latest content. Be sure to glance over the current list of known issues with the update to avoid any unnecessary misadventures.

Source: LOTRO Update 7: Shades of the Past Patch Notes

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