Turbine Hit with Layoffs

Posted Thu, Oct 25, 2012 by Martuk

Layoffs in the gaming industry seem to be inevitable these days and Turbine is the latest in a growing line this year to take a hit. Earlier this week Bigpoint ceased US game development and laid off 120 employees. Turbine joined the list today when news broke that they had laid off an unspecified number of their 400 employees. Despite the recent hiring of several new members to the leadership team that included Ken Rolston of The Elder Scrolls fame, a spokesperson confirmed the news of the layoffs in a statement to Game Informer.

"As part of the continual review of our business operations and fluctuating market conditions, we have had to make reductions in our Turbine workforce," a spokesperson told Game Informer in a statement. "The group continues to remain an integral part of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment."

Turbine launched its latest expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online with Riders of Rohan earlier this month. And unfortunately, layoffs seem to follow releases around quite regularly.

As always, our best wishes go out to those affected by the layoffs.

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