Turbine Warns LOTRO Players About Housing Chest Bug

Posted Thu, Nov 21, 2013 by Martuk

If you own a house in LOTRO with chests filled full of unique items, you may want to avoid opening it up to have a peek at your loot. Turbine put out an advisory following yesterday’s deployment of the Helm’s Deep expansion, warning players that opening a housing chest could result in the Unique items within it to vanish.

“Opening a Housing Chest will cause Unique items inside of it to disappear,” a TurbineFacebook post read. “Players should not open their Housing Chests for now. This issue will be fixed in the next game update. Players affected by this issue do not need to contact Customer Support.”

If you’ve already popped open the chest and lost items, you should contact customer support. Turbine plans to restore missing items and will be posting more information about restoration efforts at a later time.

“The plan is to restore items that have disappeared. We will provide more information soon.”

Source: Turbine Facebook

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