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  • Tea with Frodo Baggins

    Most of us with even a passing interest in Tolkien’s writings know that the Fellowship of the Ring was formed to aid Frodo Baggins on his quest to bear the One Ring to Mount Doom. You might even be able to recite the members of the Fellowship by name. But if you haven't taken the time to dig deep into Tolkien lore to discover the histories of Frodo and his companions, consider Shayalyn your official Fellowship biographer. In this, the second of her introductions to the members of the Fellowship, she brings us an "interview" with the ring bearer, Frodo Baggins himself.

    As the door opens, a pleasant face greets me. “A good day to you,” says Frodo. Although his voice is cheerful as he welcomes me into his home, I can’t fail to notice something solemn about his demeanor as I duck to enter the little hobbit hole. We take a seat before the fireplace. Frodo crosses his legs and leans back comfortably.

    “I’m honored to meet you,” I say--and I truly am. After all, not only has Frodo been the deputy mayor of Michel Delving, and not only is he a highly respected citizen of Middle-earth, but he was the hobbit responsible for transporting the One Ring on its long journey from the Shire to the fires of Mount Doom.

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    Thu, Jun 01, 2006
  • The official site has the newest in playable races available for your perusal. Evles are the topic this week.

    Throughout the ages, the deeds and struggles of the noble race of Elves have been entwined with the very history of Middle-earth. They remember all too well the devastation caused by the tides of evil that once darkened the land - a shadow which threatens to do so once again. In ages past, the Elves divided into many different groups, and settled throughout Middle-earth, primarily in the ancient forested realms where they yet live. Tall and strong, fair and graceful, Elves have keen senses and a deep affinity for the beauty of the natural world around them. Elves do not "die" in the way understood by Men; Elves often live in the lands of Middle-earth for thousands of years, suffering neither the effects of time nor disease, though the body of an Elf may be struck down in battle. At the end of their days in Middle-earth, the Elves travel to unknown realms across the western sea.

    Long ago, the Elves welcomed the "younger" races of Middle-earth and allied with them when the need was great, but centuries of war, betrayal, and hardship have made them fiercely protective of their seclusion. Now, as the Third Age draws to a close and the War of the Ring is at hand, the Elves are once again stirring from their forested realms and hidden valleys, allying with the Free Peoples of Middle-earth against the darkness which grows from both the North and East.

    Classes available to the Race of Elves: Champion, Guardian, Minstrel, Hunter, Lore-Master

    You know you want to play an Elf.

    Our Lord of the Rings Online Community.

    Wed, May 31, 2006
  • The E3 Coverage continues with this Lord of the Rings Online Preview at Gamers Info.

    he Lord of the Rings Online allows players to create characters from four of the Living Races: humans, elves, hobbits and dwarves. There's no option to play as a member of Sauron's forces: instead, the focus is placed on the game's narrative, which explores some of the struggles experienced by the Living Races at the end of the Third Age. Stepping on the heels of the Fellowship of the Ring isn't the aim here: instead, the game hopes to explore events in the rest of the world, whilst the Fellowship quest onwards towards Mount Doom.

    You can read the rest of this preview here.

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    Wed, May 31, 2006
  • Or is He an "Expert Treasure Hunter?"

    The mention of burglars and Tolkien conjures up images of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, making off with Gollum's ring, and stealing treasure from beneath the great dragon, Smaug. The Burglar class in The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar is likewise a cunning thief with riddles to tell. Learn more in Vastori's introduction to the Burglar.

    Seemingly cut and dry, the Burglar class will allow players to use stealth and guile to defeat their opponents. A recent video of gameplay from this year’s E3 [Electronic Entertainment Expo] in fact shows a Burglar character "disappearing," or more likely blending into shadows, to perhaps execute a backstab or trip maneuver. These abilities are usually balanced with a weaker tolerance for damage and not being able to equip the heavier armors; but players who favor the Burglar will have no problem, as long as they don’t get caught un-aware.

    Sneak up on the Burglar at the LotRO at Ten Ton Hammer community site.

    Tue, May 30, 2006
  • Now we're talkin! Somewhere in the works I became a crafting nut and so anything with this topic gets me all warm and fuzzy inside. Turbine's Nik Davidson tells gives us the juice.

    You've probably heard the joke about how games are like sausage: Best to just enjoy them and not think too hard about how they're made. For those like me, there is no sparing us the greasy intestinal details of design and production. We live it and love it. And like it or not, I'm going to share a bit of it with you. I'm going to tell you a story. A story about a boy, a coffee machine, and a dream. A story about the crafting system in The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™.

    Before I launch into the explanation of our crafting system, I'll share this with you: At a certain point in the game's development, crafting was almost cut.

    Find out more right here.

    Thu, May 25, 2006
  • This in from LOTRO Source -

    LotroSource is very pleased to announce ticket sales for LOTROG II: Lunch of the Rings!
    Join us for at weekend of fun, food and nancing in Providence, R.I. on Friday, August 4th and Saturday, August 5th. Rub elbows and chat with Turbine developers! Come take part in live quests or just chill out in the TenTonHammer hospitality suite with your friends from around the globe. See LOTRO, Win Prizes! Don’t miss out on this annual event!

    If you're in the area or even if you just can't live with yourself if you miss out on this event, you can get your tickets here.

    While you're on your Lord of the Rings Online kick, visit our Community!
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    Thu, May 25, 2006
  • Was Midas Chinese?
    LotRO Source has posted an article on gold farming and the repercussions that the secondary market has on MMOGs.

    "Selling gold in the gaming industry is like selling porn on the internet. Everyone claims not to do it, yet millions of real world dollars change hands each year. Game networks like OGaming are owned by companies that not only support this activity, but participate in it. Networks that do not participate in it still take advertising dollars from companies that sell gold. These are lucrative deals that make up much of these networks advertising income."

    You can read the entire story at LotRO Source.

    • is a "No Gold Ads" network. Find out why.
    Thu, May 25, 2006
  • So who wants to see some beautiful shots of Middle Earth? Yeah I do too. You can find them here.

    These shots are of scenic Archet.

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    Wed, May 24, 2006
  • The Fellowship of the Hammer

    Are you preparing to journey into Middle-earth when Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar launches some time in 2007? (Or perhaps even looking for companionship should you score a beta slot?) Then Ten Ton Hammer, the kinship, may be looking for you.

    Sit back, enjoy some ale and pipeweed, and hear what we have to say about our fine kinship as we mount our defense for the honor of Middle-earth:

    Friendship, camaraderie, fun and relaxation—that’s what ties the members of Ten Ton Hammer, the kinship, together. We’re not about collecting the most uber loot or racing through levels--if you're looking for a hardcore guild you'll be dissatisfied here--we're about enjoying our time in Middle-earth and supporting one another. We search for like-minded players who enjoy exploring without pressures or
    demands, and we reward our members with companionship, loyalty, and an unselfish willingness to help whenever and wherever we’re needed.

    Ten Ton Hammer embraces a casual playing style. While we will enjoy coming together for occasional raids, or to assist our members in reaching their goals, we will spend time together and help one another because we want to, never because we are required to.

    Intrigued? Learn more at the LotRO - Ten Ton Hammer community site]

    Wed, May 24, 2006
  • It's like European Vacation. Except I don't think that the Griswald family will be vacationing in Middle Earth.

    The Lord of the Rings Online(tm): Shadows of Angmar(tm) Beta Program applications hotting up.

    Register your interest now

    Applications for the European Beta Program to gain entry to The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar have already begun and tens of thousands of potential participants have already registered their interest.

    By going to you can sign up for the chance to become one of the lucky hobbitses to gain exclusive early entry into the biggest fantasy universe of all time, join with thousands of other beta program winners to form Fellowships and explore Middle-earth in breathtaking detail.

    As an added incentive Codemasters will be entering all beta program signups between today (May 22nd) and next Wednesday (May 31st) into a prize draw for 2 pairs of free passes to Codemasters sponsored CampZone (worth up to €150), the largest outdoor LAN party in the World, taking place between July 21st - 31st in Biddinghuizen, Holland.

    For more details on The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar visit the official European website at

    For more information on the show and ongoing event updates, visit the official Codemasters CampZone website at alternatively more details will be announced shortly on Codemasters Online Gaming's official MMO game websites.

    You can get some hot information from our Lord of the Rings Online Community Site.

    Beta, Official Announcements
    Mon, May 22, 2006
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