Mythos Adds New Guild Ranks and Features

Mythos guilds get a little more power behind their punch with new guild system ranks and buffs.
A good guild system is a fun thing to have in an online game. If they're done right, it can give players a common goal to work together on and provide a payoff in benefits. Frogster has implemented just such a system with Mythos and today has revealed new details about the game's guild system.

Players can now rank up their guilds in Mythos and earn benefits that grow with each new rank. Guilds in Mythos also come with other benefits such as a safe to deposit money in and even use to help rank up the guild. There is an added bonus for guilds that appear in the top three ranking spots, which will earn them a special buff that increases Luck and XP gains. Head over to the Mythos website to learn more about the new guild system features.

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