Neverwinter Gift Pack Giveaway

Updated Thu, Jun 27, 2013 by Shayalyn

Neverwinter Gift Pack Giveaway

If you've read our Neverwinter review, and you're ready to roll a character and get your hands dirty (or your weapon bloody) in the Forgotten Realms, Ten Ton Hammer and Perfect World have just the thing to get you started. First, check out our New Player Guide, then grab a Neverwinter Gift Pack to help you on your way.

The Neverwinter Gift Pack includes:

  • 10 Potions of Rejuvenation
  • 10 Tidespan Potions
  • 10 Potions of Lesser Healing
  • 5 Portable Altars
  • 5 Identify Scrolls (bound)
  • Bandana

Get a Neverwinter Giveaway Pack key. Once you've got yours, tell your friends where they can get their Gift Pack while our supplies last, and then invite them to join you for some free-to-play, DnD-style fun in Neverwinter!

Please note that to ensure we have enough keys to go around, you must be a registered member of Ten Ton Hammer or to get an item code. Not registered? It's free and easy to get your standard membership: just click here to join!


Link says No new Giveaways

Same here and only got the email for the contest about 15 min ago?

Updated the info above to note that you need to be registered and logged into the site to access the proper giveaway page and claim a code.

Looks like we forgot to flip a switch; Give it another shot to see if it's working.

Working for me now.

Not working for me.. Logged in, saw my username at the top.. Looked as if it was going to work. Clicked the giveaway link.. and Boink~ Im not logged in. Cleared my temps.. f5'd it. Logged in YAY.. Hit the link again. And hmm.... same problem... Im not logged in error once again.

YAY! It worked today! TY TY

Tx for the Key.
Works fine ;)

Sometime reading is the Key! ;)

Code not working:
There was an error processing your request. Please try again.

Seems like PWE cant cope with the demand - fixed... :)

I cant get the key -.-

I keep getting logged off when I try to get the key. When I log back on, it gives me an error message. I can't even post..


same issues please send us out keys

shit doesn't work.. fix your website.. having to relog on every time you switch webpages is ridiculous and when you click on the button it still fails to realize that youre logged on.

Hey email the support site they gave me a code after I had told them my problem and they did it with in a few hours too, they care



the giveaway is closed? :/

I love neverwinter!!!!

The giveaway page does not exists. If the giveaway is over they should say it. It is not correct at all to do not say it. The people running this site should find themself a new job: they are not suited for the one they have now.

weres the keys?

good game

can i get mask for now?

Neverwinter Logo

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