Neverwinter Previews Winter Festival Event

Posted Fri, Dec 13, 2013 by Martuk

The holidays are coming up fast and that means that it’s almost time for Neverwinter to celebrate Simril, the festival of the winter solstice. The event will include a number of festive activities such as sled races, fighting monsters on ice, and earning festive prizes.

  • The Twilight Run – Take part in slalom races around the Lake Glorfindar on your favorite mounts, on your feet, or the brand new magical Winter Sled mount!
  • Monsters on Ice – Fight on an icy lake against frost goblins, ice trolls, and rimefire golems in a contest to defeat the most frigid foes possible!
  • Ice Fishing – Go ice fishing across Lake Glorfindar, utilizing rare baits and better rods to pull in the largest fish possible. Rare fish bring in more points in a contest, and more Lights of Simril to be used for various Winter Festival-exclusive items
  • Star Gazing – Stare into the winter sky and view the various constellations of Neverwinter and receive a fortune. Lucky players may even receive a special buff!
  • Simril Lightcrafting – Collect the Lights of Simril and craft them into various items in a brand new Master of Lights profession!
  • New Holiday Items – Use the Lights of Simril and Stars of Fortune currencies to purchase rewards such as the new Sparkling weapons, fashionable scarves, the Winter Sled and Dappled Riding Horse mounts, the Frost Mimic and Fawn of Shialla companions, and more!

The winter festival is set to get underway on Thursday, December 19th, 2013 and will run through Thursday, January 9th, 2013.

Source: Neverwinter Winter Festival Preview


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