Neverwinter Unveils New Trailer Ahead of First Beta Weekend

By Stacy Jones -

The Neverwinter beta is about to begin. The first of three planned Beta Weekend events gets underway this Friday for CrypticÂ’s upcoming Dungeons & Dragons-based MMORPG. Players that have been lucky enough to scoop a beta key or pre-ordered their Hero of the North FounderÂ’s Pack will have the chance to dive in this weekend and take part in the event.

Selected testers will have the chance to play three of the five classes that will be available at launch: Trickster Rogue, Devoted Cleric, and the Guardian Fighter. Content up to level 30 will be available in areas such as the Protector's Enclave, Blacklake District, Tower District, Blackdagger Ruins, and the Neverdeath graveyard. Testers will have the chance to try out NeverwinterÂ’s Foundry system, a creation tool that will allow players to craft their own content.

Cryptic also released the third CG trailer for the Siege of Neverwinter series ahead of this weekendÂ’s beta event. Give it a look below. Did you miss the first two? Chack out The Siege of Never Winter Part 1 and Part 2.

Source: Perfect World Press Release

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