If WOW were a medium for World History, you might say it can be found here. Someone with way too much time on their hands has created this funny, but accurate look at the last century. Take a look here.

England has come online.
Italy has come online.
Balkans has come online.
France has come online.
Russia has come online.
Arabs has come online.
Balkans: LFG [60] Slay The Ottomans I can't solo it
Italy says: invite
England says: I'll help
France says: I'll help, too
Arabs says: yo, lemme in the party, I need a quest item... theres Central in the area too :(
Italy joins the party.
France joins the party.
Arabs join the party.
Balkans join the party.
Russia says: im just here for for HK
England says: ok, Arabs and Russia attack Ottomans. France and I will kill Germany, Balkans sheep Austria.
Balkans cast Polymorph on Austria.
Austria is affected by Polymorph.
England crits Ottomans for 2327.
Russia crits Ottomans for 1856.
Arabs crits Ottomans for 1000.
Ottomans die.
Russia says: PWNT
France crits Germany for 2.
Germany hits France for 1345.
France yells: HELP!
England says: Coming!
England crits Germany for 1453.
America heals France for 2067.
America says: yo
America hits Germany for 556.
Germany dies.
England says: wtf wheres Austria?
Balkans says: he used his pvp trinket and vanished
England says: ok... I got it on master loot, lemme hand out loot.
England gets [Northern Middle East]
France gets [Southern Middle East]
Italy gets [Northern Anatolia]
Balkans gets [Soutern Anatolia]
Balkans says: Thanks guys!
Arabs are removed from the party.
Arabs says: WTF?!?!
Jews join the party
Jews get [Palestine]
Jews leaves the party
Arabs says: WTFOMGBBQ

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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