Clan Feature: The League of Beggars

In the third of six features that look at the clans in 9 Dragons, presents this look at The League of Beggars. Included in this article are nine new screenshots.

This is the third instalment of a six article series exploring the background lore of the clans in the exciting new MMO martial arts game 9Dragons. Today we’ll explore another one of the white clans ? The League of Beggars.

The clan is an organization of actual beggars, sometimes referred to as “The Endless Clan,” because as a clansman once stated, “You could sit beggars one by one in line across the land and never see the end!” It is by far the easiest clan to join. All you have to do is perform a few simple tasks, beg a bit, and swear an oath. Then you may take faith in their great numbers and be numbered among the faithful!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016