Enter 9Dragons: Acclaim’s Kung Fu MMO Punches Through to Commercial Launch

A press release was issued today to announce the launch of Acclaim's 9Dragons.

Enter 9Dragons: Acclaim’s Kung Fu MMO Punches Through to Commercial Launch

Los Angeles, CA (May 9, 2007) – Acclaim Games announces the Commercial Launch of 9Dragons, a FREE TO PLAY martial arts Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) for PC, and introduces the all new Item Mall. Think of the world of Hero, House of the Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Drunken Master rolled into one. In the game, you can rise from a beggar on the streets to a master of Kung Fu as you train with some of the greatest masters of ancient China. With over 500,000 registered subscribers, 9Dragons is one of the fastest growing MMORPGs in the US and Europe.

While 9Dragons remains free to play, the commercial launch features the release of the in-game Item Mall, where players can easily purchase various virtual items using Acclaim Coins. Purchasable items include elixirs, healing herbs, and unique outfits for those players who demand that their characters really stand out. Players who want to bundle new features can purchase Premium Packages that offer Kung Fu boosts and other features that can enhance gameplay.

Online item purchases are done in-game using a simple click and buy interface. Players can easily purchase Acclaim Coins with their credit card, bank account, or a variety of other payment methods using safe and trusted online payment services to ensure secure online transactions (using PayPal, Click&Buy, or PayByCash).

Players have the option of joining one of 6 starter clans: Shaolin, Wu-Tang Clan and The League of Beggars are loyal to The Imperial Emperor of China, while The Brotherhood of Thieves, Heavenly Demon, and Sacred Flower Clan (for women only) are opposed to his rule. Since each free account allows up to 3 character slots, it’s easy to create multiple characters, join different clans, and have fresh gaming experiences as you enjoy the enticing story, lore and quests written by bestselling author Steven-Elliot Altman. While the game was still in Beta, it also won two MMOSITE awards, including Best PVP Combat System and Best Storyline.

There are currently 3 servers for players to choose from: On both Nirvana (US) and Bardo (European) servers, players must gain permission to fight against other players in specially designated Player vs. Player zones. But the latest server, Asura, is a PK (Player Kill) server for players who desire no-holds-barred fighting action, and the ability to attack rival clan members without their consent.

And like all of Acclaim’s other games, 9Dragons is completely free to download and play. Instead of charging a subscription fee, the game will be supported by in-game advertising delivered by IGA Worldwide, and through item purchasing through the new Item Mall.

New players are welcome to sign up for a free Acclaim account at www.9dragonsgame.com to experience the fascinating world of 9Dragons and strive to become masters of Kung Fu.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016