A Tale in the Desert Opens New Innovative Test
The Test of the Orchestra allows players to express their musical sides.

Pittsburgh, PA– April 14, 2010A Tale in the Desert (ATitD), an MMO with the most complex and challenging crafting system in existence, just launched The Test of the Orchestra, the first challenge developed allowing musical creativity to shine through .  This test was recently opened on the main shard.

In The Test of the Orchestra, players build a wide range of instruments (which include Osiris' Harp, Sound of the Snake and a Great Horn).  Each instrument must be played by a different person.  Players will build a musical score for that set of instruments.  This group will then perform their composition in front of an audience composed of their peers, who will critique the performance and award them points.  All concerts are scheduled ahead of time and any player may show up and judge.

In addition to this new test, players can still enter the world of Bastet, a recently opened shard.  Players have already unlocked some of the content, like the Test of the Ritual Tattoo that challenges players to explore the world, finding special herbs and mixing them in mortars in specific locations in Egypt, and the test of Towers, where players build different towers quickly to claim a percentage of Egypt.  Bastet recently opened the first Thought test, as well, where players create a puzzle for other players to solve.

Individuals interested in A Tale in the Desert today can download the client from http://atitd.com.  24 hours of free play time are available as a trial.  Follow http://twitter.com/atitd to keep on top of all the latest happenings or become a fan of our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/atitd.

About A Tale in the Desert
A Tale in the Desert is a unique massive online game.  It has absolutely no combat and death is rare. Within the game is one of the most complex trade skill systems that have ever been created. This is coupled with tests in various disciplines that challenge players to work together or against each other. There is a discipline to meet almost any interest.  Perhaps most unique is that the game actually has an ending and a new telling starts up with players back at ground zero.

About eGenesis:
With more than 11 years of game development experience, eGenesis (Pittsburgh, Pa) has become an award winning industry leader in innovative game play with A Tale in the Desert. Since its launch on February 15th 2003, the game has won numerous awards and received nominations including Game of the Year from DIY Games. Find eGenesis online at http://www.atitd.com

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