Acclaim/ SwiftCD Deal

Today a press release was sent out to announce the partnership between Acclaim Games and SwiftCD.

Atlanta, GA (June 29th, 2007) - Acclaim Games and have partnered to offer on-demand physical delivery of Acclaim's multiplayer online games on CDs and DVDs. In addition to being able to download the game for free, both BOTS!! ( and 9Dragons ( games can now be obtained on a free CD or DVD shipped worldwide to the Acclaim Games customer (shipping & handling fees apply). The large file sizes of the games (e.g., 9Dragons is over 700MB) prompted many Acclaim customers to request a physical delivery option. Acclaim has now made quick and easy physical delivery available via the SwiftCD partnership.

"SwiftCD gave us exactly what we wanted; a turn-key solution incorporating all aspects of the order taking, on-demand production and worldwide fulfillment", said Howard Marks, Chief Executive Officer of Acclaim Games. "SwiftCD has a reputation for excellence and reliability along with unparalleled service. They made the implementation on our side almost effortless."

The BOTS!! and 9Dragons download pages are now live with the SwiftCD-powered physical delivery options. On-demand CDs/DVDs are free to Acclaim players and available for only a nominal shipping and handling charge. The CDs/DVDs are shipped worldwide, normally within 24 business hours of receiving the order. Since the CDs and DVDs are made 'on-demand', Acclaim customers are assured to always get the latest software versions. As a bonus, the 9Dragons DVD also contains BOTS!!.

"Acclaim Games is one of the most recognized brands in the world of online gaming. We're thrilled to have been selected to power the Acclaim physical media solution", said Jason Foodman, Chief Executive Officer of "Offering a physical delivery option ensures that everyone who is interested in experiencing the magic Acclaim has created will have the chance to play these amazing games."

Acclaim plans to offer a CD or DVD for each of the downloads on its website so that consumers always have the option to have the large files delivered rather than downloaded on their PC. Customers with slow connections, as well as those who desire or prefer having media backup, will benefit from this new option making all of Acclaim's free to play multiplayer online games easily accessible to all.

All of Acclaim's multiplayer online games are fun, addicting, and best of all free to play. Simply register for a free account at and download the games (or order game software on CD/DVD from SwiftCD) to play now!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016