Gathering Steam...

Age of Conan is one of the latest games to jump on the Steam bandwagon. From Steam players can buy and download games directly to their PC. Digital downloads are not new, but I believe this is the first MMO available through Steam.

As an avid believer in saving the planet (well not really) and my bookshelves, I'm a big proponent of digital acquisitions. You can not only save on all the packaging, but you can fight piracy, and always download the most recent versions. Why is this not the norm? I understand the channeled love (is that dirty?) that publishers have to supply the bricks and mortar, but the current method of releasing a game only in boxes and then a few months later making it available through direct downloads is silly. Hopefully this is a short phase and we will be direct-only soon enough.

Anyway, Age of Conan is now available through a much more green and simple manner. Save the planet and get a game all in one! Grab and go at Steam.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016