CES Impressions

FiringSquad has updated their CES coverage today. Here is a glimpse at their thoughts on Age of Conan...

"But what about the DirectX10 graphics?," you might be asking yourself at this point. "Do they look cool?" The answer we will give based on seeing this early pre-alpha build is, "Kinda." Funcom's visual look for Age of Conan was already on the high side for an MMO title but the demo at CES only looked marginally sharper than most games of this type. The character's faces are a little more detailed and there are some environmental lighting effects (sunlight streaming through trees for example) that look good. But we admit to being spoiled by the DirectX10 demo of Crysis and in comparison, the demo of Age of Conan is currently not the huge leap forward in graphics for MMOs as Crysis is for first person shooters.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016