Age of Conan fans have been patiently waiting for the servers to come back and the new content with the Rise of the Godslayer expansion to go live. Unfortunately, after the deployment of the European patch for the expansion, Funcom noticed an issue and has extended the US server downtime. Servers are expected to be up by 8:00pm EDT if everything goes smoothly.

We are extending the downtime for the US servers by 4 hours due to the issues that have cropped up during the EU deployment of the expansion. Unfortunately, the EU regions have already been delayed and we are expecting their release to come very close to their expected uptime. This means that we must delay the US uptime so that we can fully launch EU first and the follow up with the US launch like every other major update released. Overall, we are aiming to come up within the 2 hour extended delay, but it highly depends on how the EU deployment goes when it's fully launched.

The current expected uptime is 24:00 GMT / 8pm EST.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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