Age of Conan: Unchained was the recipient of a small update yesterday that mostly addressed PvP issues. The largest part of the update adjusted the respawn mechanic for PvP to help combat spawn camping and allow players to return to the fight in PvP sieges and mini-games at different spawn points rather than one with a hostile enemy waiting to send them right back to the respawn counter.

The system for respawning in PvP mini-games and sieges has been changed and improved. The main idea behind the new mechanic is to help reduce the impact of respawn camping by the other team.

After a countdown has run out, currently defeated players on one team will now respawn together on a chosen respawn point. This will give those players the chance to organize where they want to respawn and make sure they are back in action together. The list of possible respawn points to choose from depends on the team's currently available respawn pads. This list will be updated in the window during the respawn countdown. So if any previously available respawn point should have been claimed by the opposing team, it will no longer appear as available and a new one can be chosen or respawn happens on the default pad.

The update also fixed three other issues that include a memory leak, item vanishing mail bug and a display error for claimed battlekeeps.

Source: Age of Conan Update 3.2.3 Patch Notes

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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