Voiceovers are becoming a big part of the modern MMOG development. Aion isn't about to go without a few voiceovers to help immerse players in their fantasy world either. In a new story on the official Aion website, the team talks about the localization efforts for the voiceover parts in Aion. There are currently around 200 speaking parts, voiced cinematics/cut scenes, and 45,000 audio voice files.

The dedication and care of the localization effort for Aion shows not only in its written word, but also in the dialog and the acting of the voiceovers for the characters and cinematics. It's an unprecedented, polished, mindful effort. The people working on it love games, love the story of Aion, and love what they do, and the joy and fun they had shows in their carefully crafted effort.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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