Oh joy! Now I get to worry that the obnoxious 13 year old down the street may get the crazy idea to pop a cap in my ass! Yeah! It annoys me that pushing the envelope and all out obnoxious violence have to be one and the same. Ok enough of my ranting. Ogaming has an interview with APB's Lead Designer Stephen Hewitt

OGaming: Why shouldn't we dismiss the title as just another Grand Theft Auto game?

"Stephen Hewitt: We'd sulk. No, really. All this creative effort and make something derivative? When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone did the Arbroath Enquirer ask if it was just another 'pony-express guy on a horse?' OK, it's maybe not going to revolutionize telecommunications as we know it (after all, the telephone was an invention so profound it paved the way to the 'Crazy Frog'), but Dave, our Managing Director, has already been there. He doesn't need to do another GTA.

You can read the rest and be happy in life.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016