Scrambling for Your Love

In an effort to appease the uproar about the Favor Rewards that will be
implemented in Module 3, Community Relations Specialist Samera offers


IN ADDITION to the current planned rewards (a 32-point buy, an extra
character slot) and character that gains 1750 favor will be awarded a
+2 Stat tome of his or her choice. This will be a one time bonus given
by the NPC that grants the total favor awards. These tomes are bind on
acquire and unsellable.

Additional info on stat tomes: Stat tomes give a one-time permanent
bonus to a particular statistic (STR, DEX, CON, CHA, INT, WIS). A
character only benefits from the highest bonus stat tome applied to
each statistic. So reading a +1 STR tome and a +2 STR tome only gives a
total +2 STR. +1 stat tomes are available in random treasure drops. +2
stat tomes are only currently available in Raid Loot.

The debate over re-rolling your character vs. the stat tome is still on
fire at the official forums. It's being discussed in many threads. To
read some views on the subject visit href="">here and target="_blank"

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016