The last Guild Wars 2 beta hurrah before its official August 28th launch is set to kick off this weekend and ArenaNet has posted new details about what will be available in the final beta build this weekend. Already announced we have the sylvari and asura races, but players will also have a new map with the Brisban Wildlands to explore, a new area recommended for levels 17-20.

Guild Wars 2 will also receive its first minigame with the Keg Brawl, a competition between two teams to pummel each other over a keg of ale. I guess the winner gets to drink it. In addition, the new vistas feature will be added, allowing players to simply explore the sights of Tyria.

Also new this weekend will be new World vs World content, a new PvP map – Legacy of the Foefire – and the opening of the Gem Store. As a reminder, following the conclusion of this weekend's final beta event, there will be a character wipe, so don't get too attached.

Source: What’s New in the Final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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