Guild Wars 2 kicks off its first Beta Weekend event on Friday and ArenaNet has served up some useful information about selecting your world and how you can change to a different one later. When selecting your world in Guild Wars 2, all characters that you create will join the same world and fight for that community in Guild Wars 2’s World vs World format.

If you find that the world you’ve chosen isn’t a good fit, ArenaNet has put an option in place for you to change worlds at a limit of once per seven days at the cost of 1,800 Gems. This move will cover all of your Guild Wars 2 characters.

There will also be a feature in place called “Guesting”, which will allow you to play on other worlds if you happen to have friends there. Guesting does not permit you to take part in World vs World combat, so it’s not without a bit of restriction. This feature will also not be available during the beta.

Guild Wars 2’s Weekend Beta event starts this Friday. A full list of available servers has been posted to the ArenaNet website.

Source: Choosing and Transferring Worlds in Guild Wars

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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