ArenaNet's convention schedule has been posted on their blog and there is a few interesting tidbits of information from it. The first is that they won't be showing up at E3 which isn't a big surprise. A lot of game developers aren't going to E3 because it's a press event and no longer a fan convention. This means we won't get any big reveals or hands-on information this month.

They will be attending San Diego Comic-Con (July 22-25) with the City of Heroes team to hand out free copies of their book Ghosts of Ascalon in addition to having Regina Beunaobra and Chris Lye in attendance to chat with any fans who want to stop by.

The big news is that a playable demo of Guild Wars 2 will be available at gamescon which is held in Cologne, Germany. Lots of their staffers will be attending, but the important thing is that GW2 will be demo'd. So that's a short wait (2 months or so until August 19th) before we get preliminary reports of actual gameplay.

As anyone who is anyone knows, ArenaNet will be attending PAX Prime (the west coast show) in full force. They attend every year and give PAX West their entire full attention.

If you want to read more feel free to check out their blog entry.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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