ArenaNet plans to keep building the PvP experience in Guild Wars 2 by enhancing the Structured PvP (sPvP) experience. This week Jonathan Sharp outlined plans to enhance structured PvP by providing players with a way to compete in free tournaments for prizes, this form is available now. By competing in free tournaments, players can assemble their team of choice and fight it out for prizes that include Tournament Reward Chests, Glory and Rank points.

In the future, paid sPvP tournaments will be available for premade teams to fight in. These tournaments will require a Tournament Ticket to participate in, which can be earned through sPvP gameplay or bought in the store. These tournaments reward all participants with a number of different prizes packages based on their ranking within the competition. The top two winners can even earn Gems.

If you have your team and your build all set and just need a place to practice, ArenaNet plans to offer custom arenas for you to rent at a later date. These can be locked with a password, open to the public and even have a custom map rotation. More details about custom arenas will be revealed in a future blog.

Read the full blog to find out what else ArenaNet has planned for Guild Wars 2.

Source: Structured PvP: The Iceberg

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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