Guild Wars 2 will utilize cinematic conversations to help tell the game’s story in a creative way. In fact, according to Senior Programmer James Boer in his latest blog, there are already over 1,500 cinematic conversations either in Guild Wars 2 or in the works. These conversations are in everything from personal story to dungeons and they’ve evolved quite a bit since the game began development.

What’s interesting is how this process has seen us move from our early ideas of static poses and stylized character rendering to a more lively and realistic portrayal. In game development, there’s nothing too unusual about things ending up a bit differently than you originally planned; and you can rest assure that, as we do with everything else, we’ll continue to look to improve our cinematic conversations even further.

Read the full dev blog to learn more about the cinematic evolution of Guild Wars 2.

Source: Jim Boer on the Evolution of Cinematic Conversations

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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