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has an interview of Valerie "Pann" Massey and Scott Brown involving
the much anticipated Auto Assault found on GamerGod:


Netdevil’s first MMO game was “Jumpgate” and was set in
a futuristic setting focused on ships and interstellar travel. What are the
primary differences between JG and Auto Assault?


Auto Assault is a car combat game and RPG, Jumpgate was more of a simulator.
Attributes and character elements are more important in Auto Assault because
Jumpgate taught us that more character development was needed.


The release for Auto Assault was pushed back after your initial beta. What
led you to this decision?


Our first beta showed us that the game was not ready. We received lots of
good feedback out of the beta and made a huge list of things to do to improve
the game. Community input from the beta testers really counted.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to take those lessons, tear the
game apart, and make necessary changes. We are going through all content in
the game, breaking it into small, digestible pieces, and putting a strike
team on each piece. This made it much easier for the strike teams to focus
on the core elements of the game as they made changes.

We came up with a working theme for each part of the game and then tailored
those parts to the theme. All art for each area is unique, so is the weather
and other elements. We are going through those pieces one at a time. The delay
from our beta was not about adding more features to the game, it was about
going over the game as it is and refining what we have.

I just can't wait to play this game! Again, major props to Pann!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016