Bigpoint has announced the newest ship to join the Battlestar Galactica Online lineup with the Brimir Class Carrier. Considered to be the largest ship yet, the Brimir Class Carrier is capable of launching a squadron of strike craft at a specific target.

The new ship will be available this fall, but whether or not it will be player controlled or NPC controlled has yet to be determined. Check out all the details and a new image after the break.

Brimir Class Carrier

The Brimir Class Carrier will be the largest ship yet, bringing new functionality to players with the ability to launch strike craft – something no other ship can do in Battlestar Galactica Online. As the largest derelicts discovered by the Colonial fleet so far, the Brimir Class Carrier shares many similarities with early Colonial designs that were eventually replaced by Battlestars. This Tier 4 ship is capable of rapidly deploying a squadron of strike craft and acting as a tender for larger vessels. Although heavily armored, it is best suited for fleet support operations. It has not been decided if the strike craft will be NPC or player controlled, but players will be able to attack specific targets with them. The Brimir Class Carrier will be available for cubits this fall, the in-game currency that can be earned through gameplay, or purchased. In addition to the new carrier-class ship, we are of course continuing ahead with new ship designs for Battlestar Galactica Online.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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