BigWorld deploys the latest version of its technology suite.

Per BigWorld's press release, the addition of unlimited texture layers and more detailed map options is just the beginning of the list of upgrades to BigWorld's latest technology suite upgrades. In addition to the increased scenery benefits (the sizzle), the press release also discloses more about the new patrol pathing controls and optimizations to the development tools (the steak). More from BigWorld's CTO Simon Hayes:

"Additionally, there are significant improvements to the skybox and weather systems and there is improved support for partner technologies such as SpeedTree and Umbra. Both Mandarin and English language are supported in the development tools user interface and art pipeline."

Reading this makes me want to break out in my old man voice and say "back in my day we had to start from scratch when we wanted to develop a game, and it was uphill both ways!"

For more information on BigWorld, check out their website.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016