The event we've all been waiting for is finally upon us! Bitter Rivals is here! After a lengthy patch this morning, you'll be able to log in and have the chance to earn the right to play your Slayer/Choppa a week early, but wait there's more! While the Slayer and Choppa are headlining this little party, it's also the introduction of patch 1.2 which introduces a TON of class balancing! Is Mythic done yet? Not quite.

Answer the Call to Arms with new Realm vs. Realm gameplay enhancements! Introducing the new Open RvR Rallying Cry system that summons you to key battles for Tiers 1, 2, and 3. The new Zone Control Domination System for Tiers 2 through 4 rewards a realm that truly conquers the battlefield. Also, many improvements to siege weapons ensure that the mighty engines of war are now more lethally effective than ever. See the 1.2 Patch Notes for more details!

There's a ton of changes and additions to look forward to, and you can read all about them over at the WAR Herald.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016