Is your glass over half full or over half empty?

In response to the competition heating up, Blizzard has made a point of letting us know that the gamers leaving World of Warcraft are coming back in droves. There was the post-honeymoon Age of Conan claim by Blizzard's President Michael Morhaime that 40% of the players came back to WoW pretty quickly. Now we get the update. During yesterday's financial earnings call with Wall Street, we have the combined update of returning players from Warhammer Online and AoC:

"To date, 68 per cent of the players who listed Age of Conan as their reason for cancellation and 46 per cent of the players who listed Warhammer as their reason for cancellation have reactivated their subscriptions to World of Warcraft."

While the number of returning WAR players is below a previously stated “well over half” by COO Paul Sams, I'm guessing that the Blizzard team feels pretty good about these numbers. I was first skeptical that people would click the reason for leaving as another specific game, but then I read the forums and remembered that gamers tend to want to leave a game in a ball of fury and name specifically why they are leaving. It provides good data for the dev team and it should make the players sheepishly hit the re-submit button on the account management screen. For a full transcript of the call, go to Seeking Alpha.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016