What could it be?

Over at "Heal Plz" Xerin takes our first of a two part look at what could be Blizzard's next game. This section takes a look at the Starcraft franchise and how it could be turned into either a sequel to the massive award winning RTS or an MMORPG of its own. Watch out soon for more discussion on what Blizzard's next title could be!

So what can we expect for their next product? Well, we have a few things to work with here. The first is Starcraft. Well this is the only obvious realistic choice in my mind because I love Starcraft. As a massive fan of Starcraft it’s my duty to skew any story with my own bias about how Starcraft HAS to be the next title. If I don’t, then well I loose my own self respect for Starcraft. Being a zealous fan is tough work, ya know.

Take a look at Heal Plz! today.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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