When it comes to seeking audience with the Blizzard Community Team
members the routine is pretty standard; wait for one of the various
panels and hope that you get to ask that all important question. This
year however Blizzard has decided to shake things up and instead of
simply moderating panels the Community Team members will instead be
mingling among us common folk around the convention center.

For the past few
years, you may have noticed Community Team members
moderating the various BlizzCon panels. This year, things are a little
bit different. That’s right, this year we will be among you
and look forward to getting meet and talk with you during the

No longer will you be forced to wait to ask your question
at a panel, instead simply scope out the convention center floor and
seek out one of the Community Team members that should be lurking
amongst the crowd. How will this newest BlizzCon experiment turn out?
That remains to be seen, however we can only hope that the Community
Team members will not overwhelmed by a mass mob of shouting gamers. For
those who are not attending or viewing BlizzCon live, some Community
Team members will be assigned the task of providing updates as the
convention goes on via the official Blizzard forums, Twitter, and

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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