BlizzCon 2010 was as always a weekend filled with gamer bliss. Packed
with epic tournaments, informative panels, exclusive sneak peeks, and
exciting contests keeping track of the important points over the two
days is a difficult job indeed. So for those of you who crave
information but are short on time, we here at Ten Ton Hammer have
compiled much of the need to know information so you can feel
knowledgeable on BlizzCon even if you were unable to attend.  

At the Diablo III
Crafting Sanctuary panel players discovered that in
Diablo III instead of seeing the dreaded wall of text instructing you
on what to do, instead Blizzard will be trying to enforce a more
“Play, Don’t Tell” policy. Instead of a
screen filled with text when players encounter a quest giver the NPC
will instead follow the player until they arrive at the quest objective.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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