Who doesn't love major content additions for free? A big Game Update went in this last week for EverQuest II, and it brought with it a new deity option! Bristlebane, the King of Thieves, has revealed himself once more to the inhabitants of Norrath. This trickster God makes for a great choice for the scouts, and is definitely a welcome addition for many. Ten Ton Hammer has the full walk through, leading you through each of the 5 quests.

Once you have all of the ingredients, return to the Enchanted Lands and to Garby Gigglegibber. He will turn these items into an “Uncooked Gigglegibber Pie”, which he then asks you to bake. Move to the fire located nearby (Loc +71.69, -0.99, +20.26). Take the pie back to Tobel at Garby’s request. Tobel will immediately refuse to eat it and tell you to take it back to Garby.

This guide has locations, advice, and reward details that you really will want to have with you when you work to gain Bristlbane's favor.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016