The Tabula Rasa team has been working diligently to prepare the game for release next month and as a result have released another lengthy set of changes and notes. Some of these may raise questions but others are long awaited changes such as a Military Surplus to buy and sell equipment.

• Military Surplus stores have been added to Twin Pillars Outpost on Concordia Wilderness, Irendas Panel Colony on Torden Plains, Fort Defiance on Valverde Plateau, and Thunderhead Base on Ligo Thunderhead. They are under construction and not functional.
• Fixed bug where clan invitation is lost when the invitee logs off before replying
• Fixed some memory leaks
• Fixed shredder ammo effects not varying
• Fixed the late/missing projectiles from constant fire weapons
• Fixed Characters not in a clan can access the Clan interface when another Character on the Account is in a clan
• Fixed bug where shot count was not being decremented for multi-shot attacks

Head on over to the official site and check out all the changes.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016