The first beta tester set foot on WildStar’s planet Nexus on Tuesday, and Carbine devs were there to catch a sceenshot as Poptart stepped onto the world. A new blog hosts a screenshot of WildStars tarty first tester and offers up some statistics on the deadliest NPCs so far with Algoroc’s Deadstar Rifleman claiming the highest player kill count. Carbine also revealed that one player made a custom UI add-on within the first 24 hours without the official documentation, and that the devs were destroyed by players in 3v3 PvP. All in all it was a busy first week.

The next step for Carbine is to smooth all the rough edges of the beta to make it as fun an experience as possible by utilizing player feedback, of which they have an elaborate way of dealing with.

“So where's the feedback go? We've set up RRT: our Rapid Response Team. Every Monday, we gather together devs, producers, customer support folks, the community guys, and Mike Donatelli (affectionately known as our "Beta Pope" as he is the arbiter of what makes it into beta or not. Pope-a-telli for short). Together this team goes through the feedback: major threads on the boards, single posts that stand out as being particularly meaningful, data we're gathering from beta, top CS issues, and more.”

Carbine closed out the blog with a new screenshot reveal for WildStar’s first dungeon: Stormtalon. Head over and check it out.

Source: WildStar Black Ops: Missive from the Field

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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