As part of an ongoing effort to sponsor fan events for those that can't attend fanfest in Iceland, CCP is sponsoring a somewhat mysterious event in Boston at PAX East 2011. Though the exact nature of the event is undisclosed, it will certainly be some kind of party, as only 21+ are allowed. Another thing we know for sure: there will be at least a couple of developers there. Also, one need not even actually be going to PAX to attend, so long as the invitation is secured beforehand.

When talking about PAX East and what we were going to do, I simply felt that there would be a missed opportunity if we didn't do something for our fans and friends of CCP. So here we are now! I am going to provide some simple instructions below for you to follow if you are an EVE fan attending PAX East.

In order to get one of the limited invitations to the PAX East 2011 CCP event, follow the instructions at this link.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016