Can I be like that lady from Bewitched?

Champions Online has added a new hero profile to their website that showcases the Witchcraft member of the team. While not as public as a defender, the reclusive witchcraft uses magic that relies on her confidence to empower her. From the Champions site:

The Circle of the Scarlet Moon is eager to reclaim Witchcraft's power, and continues to pursue her. The coven's machinations make Witchcraft's life difficult, but even worse for her is the murderous ire of her twin sister, who has rejected the teachings of the Circle and struck out on her own as the supervillain Talisman.

Talisman will stop at nothing to destroy Witchcraft, and Witchcraft has decided it is her sad responsibility to put a stop to her sister's evil deeds. Recently, Witchcraft has received reports that Talisman has been seen in the Southwest Desert. She'll need allies to find out what her sister's nefarious plans are.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016