While we don't have all of the details just yet, League of Legends is planning on rolling out a brand new system for dealing with player punishments in the next patch 5.18. It appears it will be almost completely automated, with the system able to detect anything from toxic language, to AFKs, to intentional feeders.

With the new system is going to come a completely clean slate for the entire League community. Lead Game Designer of Social Systems, Jeffrey "RiotLyte" Lin answered a question today on his ask.fm, confirming that all current restrictions will be wiped away with the next patch:

"Yes, with the new Upgraded Restrictions we'll be introducing in 5.18, we'll be resetting all active Chat and Ranked Restrictions. Consider this a fresh start for players with any current Chat or Ranked Restrictions because as long as they stay sportsmanlike and do not get new Chat or Ranked Restrictions by the End of Season, they'll get Ranked Rewards."

This is certainly good news for those players currently dealing with restrictions, as this gives them the opportunity to reform their behavior, and perhaps even qualify for end-of-season rewards that would have otherwise been out of reach. It also speaks to Riot Games' confidence in the new system, as they appear to believe without a doubt that the new system will catch all offenders.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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