A city to call my own.

The developers behind Voyage Century Online have been hard at work putting together a city building system for those guilds that are powerful enough to afford the epic creation. Ten Ton Hammer has been lucky enough to receive the rules governing the creation of those cities, and we're happy to list them. From IGG:

How can a Guild Built City level up?:

After reaching the required leveling index, each guild member can find the [Construction Minister] and pay the appointed leveling fund and provide the required leveling materials to meet the requirements. When the guild meets the leveling material requirements, the Leader or Vice Leader can level up the port. The port will obtain one [Development Point] after each level. Meanwhile, there is a Cooling Time before the next leveling. :

Leveling Rules::

1. Meet the development index requirements.:

2. Meet the leveling requirements.:

3. Requires a Cooling Time before leveling again.:

4. Only the Leader or Vice Leader can level up the port.:

5. The port can be leveled up when the Residual Leveling Time is 0.:

(The system will give a prompt to the guild leaders about the residual leveling time before the next leveling.)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016