City of Heroes (CoH) is about to come under siege by the forces of Emperor Marcus Cole, who is looking to subjugate the inhabitants of Primal Earth. Heroes and villains alike are being called on to unite against the coming invasion. What this means is more content for CoH players!

Paragon Studios has posted a listing of mobilization times for players to unite and push back the forces of Marcus Cole when the dimensional barriers are at their most vulnerable. Starting May 11th and continuing through staggered dates to May 27th, various servers will have their opportunity to help in the fight. The final battle scheduled for the mobilization will take place on Freedom Server on May 27th from 4:00pm through 7:00pm PT. Players that take part in the May 27th Freedom Protection effort will earn an account-wide badge.

Please note that as a gesture of appreciation and recognition, a special account wide badge will be given out to everybody taking part in the Freedom Protection effort on Friday, May 27th! So enroll early, whether you're a super-hero or a super-villain, in order to get your just reward!

Source: CoH website

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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