Melee fighters have traditionally been the guys that get up close and personal with the enemy, but the Kinetic Melee power that will be introduced with City of Heroes: Going Rogue looks to change that a bit as it will offer players a new way to beat up their enemies by turning their own strength against them and even add a little range to melee combat. Kinetic Melee will provide players with the ability to Siphon Power and utilize suns and knockbacks to neutralize their enemies. A new preview of the Kinetic Melee power has been added to the Going Rogue website, detailing how players can use this power to conquer their foes.

The essence of the Kinetic Melee power set is the ability to take an enemy’s strength and use it against him. Using fluid motions that are deceptively quick, the practitioner of this art can stand toe to toe with the strongest foes and defeat them.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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