Superhero-based MMOGs have already promised some big things for 2011. Tomorrow hails the official launch of DC Universe Online, which will soon be followed by Champions Online's conversion to free-to-play sometime early this year. But what about the veteran game of the mix, City of Heroes (CoH)? Not to be left out of the new year's mix, Paragon Studios Producer Nate “Second Measure” Birkholz has posted his first "Producer's Letter" of 2011 detailing plans for the game moving forward.

The letter details past and future content relating to the launch of the "Going Rogue" expansion, Issue 19 and Issue 20 and takes a look at what the team has planned for the future, including Incarnate Trials for more power, additional endgame content and more. Additionally, the letter also notes that as a reward for loyal players, a "Double XP Weekend" has been scheduled to take place from January 27th through January 31st. So grab some caffeine and get ready for a grind. Check out the full letter on the official CoH forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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